April 2012 Sacramento county homes for sale

This is the month that I declared the end of depreciation for Sacramento county real estate values. I was correct. Here are the stats from April 2012

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Here we go again. We have fewer homes for sale in Sacramento as of March 2012. I have been saying this every month for the last 12 months. I never would have thought that the number of homes for sale in Sacramento would have dropped for 12 months in a row. There are just 2033 Homes for sale in Sacramento county as of March 2012. There were 4773 Homes for sale in Sacramento back in March 2011. That is a drop of 56% in the number of homes for sale in one year. There is just a 1.3 months supply of homes for sale right now around Sacramento county. That is a very low supply of homes for sale. That is considered a sellers market. I just want to put this into perspective. When we had 25% apprecation back in 2004, our inventory of homes for sale was at 1864 to 2100 for a three month period. I am not suggesting that we will see 25% appreciation because we dont have any no income verifier loans, or zero down loans or 1% option arm loans. I do think we will finally see an uptick in prices this year just because there are so few homes for sale. If someone wanted to buy a home to move into by June 1st, it would be almost imposible because of the competition. If you want to buy a home in 2012, you will need to be patient and get the help with someone who looks for you every day. If you want to search for homes for sale in Sacramento